The Average American hangs up their lights after the second week of November. So if you're setting up your lights now, you are right on track!

While there isn't technically any rule stating it has to be the second week,

There’s no set rule on Christmas lights but you should wait until after Halloween to hang any lights. After Halloween passes, you can hang your lights or wait for the weekend after Thanksgiving if you’re looking to save money on your electricity bill.

2020 is definitely not following the "rules" of past years. Christmas music was playing as early as October 26th, and Christmas lights were seen as early as November 1st. A question for many is why is this happening?

The answer is simple. 2020 has been awful, and people want to have some holiday cheer. According to Bost the pandemic is the main cause of this early holiday cheer and lights.

The pandemic has lead to many people "skipping" thanksgiving so the next step is Christmas, or other holidays. Hanging up lights is a safe activity when it comes to COVID, and more Americans than ever before are expected to buy lights and hang them up.

I myself set up a few lights last week (the earliest I've ever done this.) And already stated looking at gifts to buy the family. So if you've seen a few lights up, get ready cause even more about to light up the cold November night sky!

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