When you think about vodka, you typically think about drinking it. If you're more skilled in the culinary department, you know that vodka can be used in many different dishes. The dish, or sauce, mostly associated with vodka is a vodka sauce that can be found in Italian restaurants.

Like our bestie, Chef Keys did on News at 11 on KWQC, a popular restaurant in Muscatine is also using B100 Proof Vodka to make their version of the sauce.

Muscatine's Sal Vitale's Italian Restaurant And Pizzeria Uses The Best Vodka

In a social media post on Sunday, Salvatore Vitale the proud owner of Sal Vitale's Italian Restaurant And Pizzeria (1010 Park Ave Muscatine) shared some photos of them whipping up vodka sauce with the greatest vodka in the world: B100 Proof Vodka from Knee-High Distilling Co., Muscatine's first hand-craft distillery.

As you can see in the photos above, the boys are putting on a show in the kitchen by flambéing the vodka to make the sauce. You have to burn off the booze to get it to taste really good.

We're not sure how the bottle broke between photos, but we don't want to know. We don't need anyone "calling a guy" for asking too many questions.

About Sal Vitale's In Muscatine

Sal Vitale's Italian Restaurant And Pizzeria has been bringing a taste of traditional Italian food to the Pearl City since 1984. Sal Vitale and his family came to America in 1983 from Palermo, Sicily, where the taste of pizza and pasta originated.

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Sal Vitale's offers pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more. As it says on their website,

“Although my family came to America to begin a new way of life, we still brought tradition & old ways with us, like our family recipes which have been passed from generation to generation.”

Thank you Sal Vitale's for supporting local and using high-quality vodka in B100 Proof Vodka at in your dishes. It's all about local supporting local.

Find where you can buy a bottle of B100 Prood Vodka below:

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