The Coffee Revolution (formally known as Coffee Hound) in Davenport has some exciting news: they're expanding.

The original Coffee Revolution on Brady Street is pretty small and drive-thru only, which is why it makes sense that the shop would want a bigger location to fit their booming business. Their current drive-thru is always five or six cars deep, so this news is welcome for coffee lovers who need a quicker java fix.

According to their Facebook page, the Coffee Revolution says the new location will feature more pastries made fresh by a local bakery. The second shop, which will be located at West 53rd St. and Pine St, is expected to open this spring. Hours will be 6AM-8PM.

While you're waiting for the new shop to open, you can still get your favorite drinks at the Brady Street locale, where new specials include the Lucky Charms Frappe and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte.

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