Coming from the Chicagoland area, I don't always agree with Quad Citizens on pizza. I just can't do the crumbled sausage thing. But one thing we definitely can agree on? Portillo's. It's amazing, and it's finally made it to the Quad Cities.

But did you know they have their own clothing line? Because I DIDN'T AND I AM UPSET. No one informed me at all, so I'm taking it upon myself to inform you.

Okay, sorry to go all caps on you, but this is a big deal! Portillo's has an entire set of shirts dedicated to their chocolate cake, and trust me, it's long overdue for that cake. So good. On top of that, they also have hoodies dedicated to their famous hotdogs.

There's a few other novelty items, plus some normal stuff – "normal" meaning it looks like something an employee could wear – and they're all available online now. You can check out the items here.

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