When I was a whee lad growing up in the Davenport School District, It was always a big deal when you saw your favorite teacher out and about living their lives. It was almost like seeing a celebrity buying their groceries or having a meal at a restaurant.

Like something out of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", according to WQAD, a couple of boys from East Moline kind of had the reverse reaction. What are the odds you play hookie from school to attend the Cubs home opener only to see your elementary school principal at the game?

Tucker and Gunner Speckman skipped school to attend the game and even held up a sign saying "Skipping school. S-h-h-h, don't tell Principal Versluis." Well the boys didn't have to worry about the principal seeing them on TV, because he was there at the game as well.

The boys were rewarded with a trip to Wrigley for getting straight A's in school. Who can blame them. Academics and attendance are important, but it's also cool to be rewarded for hard work.

The Cubs lost by the way, but the boys will never forget the experience.


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