Brick and Motor Boutique is a mobile fashion boutique that travels all throughout the Midwest. They are like any other boutique or clothing store, except they travel around... Kind of like a taco truck for cute clothes! One of the owners, Haley, just graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, and instead of getting a "Big Girl Job" like the rest of her classmates (which she could have), she decided to take a chance and start her new business with her best friend. Haley is actually from the Quad Cities, specifically Rock Island so she is familiar with the territory! They can be found at major festivals and events, and they also host parties!

Of course, you can also shop online and have clothes delivered directly to your house!

Full details, their contact info, and their inventory can be found on the website here.

You can also shop directly from their facebook.

Shopping doesn't get much more convenient the Brick and Motor! lol

If you want to host them or have them at your party or event:
Their phone number is 309-798-8014

These girls are representing the Quad Cities well and we could be more proud!

Check out their video commercial




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