Quad Citians are being warned to stay away from a local contractor who has allegedly been scamming homeowners out of money. According to WQAD, Tim Alan Coker was paid over $9,000 by Bettendorf resident Mike Kleinsmith to build a structure in Kleinsmith's yard and never completed the work.

This isn't the first time Coker has been accused of stealing. In 2015, he was taken to court by residents who never received work after paying upfront. Coker promised refunds but did not follow through.

WQAD says Coker advertises on Craiglist and claims to employ veterans. One of the main reasons that Kleinsmith decided to hire Coker was because his own father is a veteran, and he likes supporting businesses that employ service members. It is not known if Coker does actually have veterans working for him or not.

Coker's company has gone by the names United Roofing and US Vets Home Improvement. If you're in the market for a home improvement contractor, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Read more of the story over on WQAD.

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