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2020 has been a crazy year. It seems like we've really seen it all this year. A global pandemic, an inland hurricane, milk in rivers, bears and giraffes in Iowa, and so much more. With these insane stories over the past year, we've had quite a bit of stories that a lot of people have read.

On this list, you won't find any COVID-19 stories since obviously those stories were viewed a lot. COVID-19 has been the main subject of 2020. The stories on this list are very unique and all happened this year.

These stories are ranked in our based off of page views on our website and app.

Have fun looking back on all of the fun we've had this year!

10. Iowa's Largest Waterpark Opens This Weekend - 63,663 Page views

Author: Connor Kenney

In the midst of COVID-19, people were very excited that Lost Island Waterpark, Iowa's largest waterpark, was finally opening for the summer. Lost Island opened officially in 2020 on June 20th. We can't wait for them to open in 2021!

9. Fight At Walmart On Elmore In Davenport - 91,502 Page views

Author: Connor Kenney

This fight took place back in August at the Walmart on Elmore. No word on whether those involved were charged or arrested, but this was very entertaining.

8. Win $10,000 in Cash! - 96,437 Page views

Author: Connor Kenney

We had many people win cash prizes of $1,000 and two people this year to win $10,000. This could be you next year! Listen for announcements at the start of spring to hear when we will be handing out cash again.

7. Drive-thru Christmas light displays in the Quad Cities area - 109,044 Page views

Author: Connor Kenney

There are still plenty of Christmas light displays to look at in the QC. Christmas is this Friday so get out and take a look while you still can.

6. Hy-Vee Receives Backlash for Layoffs in Iowa - 119,332 Page views

Author: Just Joni

This wasn't the best look for Hy-Vee back in March. Right before the pandemic, Hy-Vee officials came under fire after announcing they would no longer be open 24 hours, they were cutting hours and laying people off.

5. "Limb Of Unknown Child" Davenport's Darkest Legend - 122,842 Page views

Author: JT

The QC is filled with legends, and ghost stories. This story is infamous due to how little is actually known. With no date, and little ever said, very few know the true story about the "Limb Of Unknown Child."


4. This Summer Paradise Is 75 Miles From The Quad Cities - 138,218 Page views

Author: Connor Kenney

Just like anything in the summer of 2020, we were looking for places for a quick and fun place to vacation. Coconut Cove Resort in Hazel Green, WI (right across the river from Dubuque)  really caught the eye of many Quad Citizens. Hopefully in the summer of 2021 they will be back open and more people can go enjoy the summer fun.

3. The Most Expensive House For Sale In The QC - 145,465 Page views

Author: JT

Some houses take your breath away, and this one was a real beauty! Costing millions, the biggest question many had was... Why is there no pool?!

The Most Expensive House For Sale In The QC
The Most Expensive House For Sale In The QC

2. Giraffe Spotted in Iowa - 217,545 Page views

Author: James Patrick

Surprisingly, the story about the black bear that no one wanted to leave alone didn't make it on this list. But a giraffe (which is fake) in the middle of a corn field in north Iowa really caught reader's attention.

1. Hy-Vee Employee Dumps 800 Gallons Of Milk In Stream - 224,838 Page views

Author: Connor Kenney

This story was a good one, but you feel terrible for the employee who dumped out all of that milk. This story is so 2020 it hurts. The derecho back in August knocked out power for thousands of homes and businesses. One of those places was the Hy-Vee in Ankeny. Because of no power, a lot of milk started to go back and to get rid of it, all of that milk went down the drain in a stream.


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