For the entire month of February, Quad City Poets have a chance to share their work and passion with 'Poems on Demand'. It’s the month of love, and it’s time to share it.

“MWC is partnering with some of the best poets and writers in the community to offer bespoke poems, written for anyone you’d like to gift a poem. By participating in this limited-time program, you’re not only giving unique poems to people you care about, but you’re also supporting local writers and writing/literacy programs in the Quad Cities.”

When it comes to cost, the starting price is $20 but, if you're feeling extra loving, you can pay even more. After that set minimum of $20, tips are also encouraged for poets and their efforts.

To get started you can visit the 'Bespoke Poetry' page on the MWC website. Once you're there, look for the "pay the fee" form. Then, you will be able to fill out the information form with specifics about the person you want to send the poem to, the occasion the poem is to be written for, and your very own choice of poet.

It is also important to place your order before February 9th to ensure you get your poem before Valentine’s Day. You will receive a digital copy of the finished poem while hard copies can be mailed or picked up at the MWC offices in the Rock Island Public Library. More information here.

The poets for this event are QC residents, and the list of participating poets can be found here. Have a lovely Valentine's Day QC!

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