Looking for a middle-aged man living in Mom and Dad's basement? Sounds like Davenport is the place for you.

Reductress just put out their list of the "Top 10 Places to Meet Men Who Still Live With Their Parents", and the #1 spot is right here in the QC.

The website goes into more detail about guys from Davenport:

Video games and late-night trips to Taco Bell keep the guys in this tiny Midwestern town chubby and ambitionless. These genetically modified, corn-fed men might not be the ones of your dreams, but they’ll definitely respond to your desires if you threaten to cancel the cable subscription.

Now, I still live with my Mom and Dad, but I did have my own place for nearly a year.

Plus, I live in Moline, so it doesn't count.  Right?

In case you're wondering, Davenport beat out cities like Staten Island, Salt Lake City and Myrtle Beach.