Last month a mother whose child attends a full-time cyber school, shared her tips for how to handle online schools. You can took a look at that list here.

A big one was for parents to be respectful of the child’s learning time and space, but now this school year seems to offer three different options. Online classes, half in person learning and half online learning, or full time in person learning. Here are a few tips for all of those.

For those going through the half and half learning, your child may find it very stressful and confusing. One of the best ways to handle this is to:

  1. Be understanding of their feelings towards this.
  2. Check in on them.
  3. Sit them down and explain why this is happening.

If your student is full time online it is important to:

  1. Try to create a designated work area separate from other distractions.
  2. Keep a routine for your children just like you would for yourself.
  3. Again a key is understanding your child's feelings towards this.

Finally for anyone going to school full time, even though it is the "norm," compared to last year this is still very different.

  1. Pay attention to any concerns from your child about safety at the school, or if they are feeling sick.
  2. Keep a close eye on any school updates.
  3. Be prepared for anything.

Whatever you end up doing this year with your child make sure you stay safe, and patient. This year is going to be an interesting one.

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