The Mississippi River is officially below flood stage.  But the cleanup and repairs continue.  Much of the cleanup is unnoticeable to most people as they drive by business that are doing repairs.  One thing we all notice is the road closures.  While parts of River Drive in Davenport are still closed, the entire River Drive in Moline is officially back open.

While the flood waters have come and gone, the muddy mess it would leave behind would force the city to keep the road closed.  Now, the water is gone.  The mud is cleaned up.  And drivers won't have to take a detour to get around.

The flood is still impacting areas in Moline including Ben Butterworth Parkway which is still closed.  The ground is so saturated that crews can't get working on those pathways and picnic areas.

Davenport, your time could be coming soon.  River Drive may be fully open this Friday.  Just in time for the weekend.