If you're a frequent traveler of Locust Street in Davenport, Iowa, you know without construction it's a hot mess.

Currently, Locust Street from 5 points to Marquette is being resurfaced and it takes almost twice as long to get through it.

Angry Driving

Locust Street, specifically W Locust Street, is about to be nearly impossible to drive on from Harrison Street all the way to Division Street. Davenport city officials are going to close an entire portion of the road for sewer repairs.

Avoid Locust Street At All Costs

You're probably thinking to yourself, "I already do." If you don't/can't avoid driving on Locust Street, start finding a new route around it because Locust Street is essentially going to be out of commission for a week.


Monday afternoon, officials with the Davenport Public Works Department announced on social media that getting around using W Locust St will be a little tricky starting this week. A little tricky is a really nice way of putting it.

In addition to work between Marquette and Division, and the intermittent closures at the Marquette and Washington St intersections starting Nov. 8, another road closure is coming to W Locust St this week and it also begins the same day.

Starting on November 8, W Locust will also be closed between Harrison and Gaines Streets. The closure is expected to last through Nov. 13 and it's all for sewer repairs.

Officials ask motorists to follow detour signs. For people traveling Westbound on Locust Street, you'll be detoured down Harrison Street to W 15th Street, W 15th Street to Gaines Street, and back to W Locust Street.

Eastbound traffic will be detoured north on Gaines Street to W Lombard Street, W Lombard Street to Harrison Street, and back to Locust Street.

Good luck, everyone.

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