It's not often the historic Rock Island Arsenal is open to everyone. They are tonight and  it's all about the music in the Quad Cities.

Never, ever pass up a good show. Not even if it's not in the same place it's always been in the Quad Cities.

The POPs Concerts with the Quad Cities Symphony Orchestra is usually held at the band shell downtown Davenport at LeClaire Park. Due to the flooding, the Rock Island Arsenal opened their gates at 12 p.m. for this famous, Quad Cities annual concert today and the concert area opened at 4 p.m.

According to, all you need to bring is your I.D. to get in.

"There's a lot of people I've been talking to that are just excited to go on the arsenal! There's a perception to go, you have to get pre-screened for the arsenal. And the arsenal is opening up a lot of their sites" said Baxter.

All your favorite pop songs will be performed, from Queen to Michael Jackson, it's guaranteed to be an event for everyone. There will even be live cannons firing during the finale.

Don't miss this year's iconic concert and your chance to check out some of the amazing sites at the Rock Island Arsenal.