It looks like a lot of us aren't going out anytime soon. With Saint Patrick's day happening today there was probably something you had planned for yourself or with the kids, but now have to cancel, with the Quad Cities basically going dark.

Many of us including myself still want to celebrate this holiday though, so here is a list of things you can still do.

Baking Festive Desserts

A lot of these desserts are pretty simple to make, and as long as you have green food coloring you can probably make one work. A full list of recipes can be found here.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

This one is perfect for the kids. It could be as simple as cutting out four leaf clovers on green construction paper, or something more, a full list of DIY crafts are here.

Watch Irish Stepdancers

This one may sound weird, but there's a ton of videos online, and a few even teach you how to do the dance. Why not spend the evening dancing?

Listen to Irish Music

Irish Music isn't just bag pipes (although it may be fun to see how the kids react to that kind of music.) There is many fun and up beat songs on Youtube to get you into the Irish spirit.

Hopefully one of those events can bring some Irish cheer to you on this Saint Patrick's day. Stay Safe out there.

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