School is officially out for the summer in Illinois and Iowa. Now, the headline you read doesn't say you can speed in school zones or speed at all. It says you can go faster than the school zones posted speed limit sign and go the normal speed as if the school was out for the day.

Yes, you no longer need to worry about an abundance of kids, parents, and buses outside Illinois and Iowa schools in the morning or afternoon. That means you don't have to stick to the 20 or 25-mph school zone speed limit.

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Remember one thing, kids are out for summer break which means they are riding their bikes, playing on school playgrounds, and still out and about in our community. Make sure you're still cautious when driving near places where there are more children and people.

You Can Go Fast In School Speed Zones In Iowa & Illinois

Schools on the Illinois and Iowa-side of the Quad Cities are done with school. That means that school speed zones in Illinois (which limit drivers to 20 mph) and Iowa (which limit drivers to 25 mph) are no longer in effect.

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Even though school speed zones are no longer in effect until school resumes this fall, some drivers may not be aware of the speed limit change. Make sure you have a little more patience when behind someone who still thinks school is in session.

For those who don't know school is out, you're good to proceed at the normal speed limit and with the flow of traffic.

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You Should Still Be Cautious Near Schools & Playgrounds

School may be out for summer, but that doesn't mean kids aren't playing outside on playgrounds at schools and parks.

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Illinois and Iowa schools, especially elementary and preschools, have jungle gyms and playgrounds for kids to play on. If you frequently drive past parks in the Quad Cities, speed limit signs most likely say 25 mph so keep it slow.

Have a safe and wonderful summer speeding through school zones. Just don't speed above the normal posted speed limit. You can still get in trouble.

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