According to SWNS Digital, A new study is showing the average person drops their first swear word by 10:54am. If you work with me you know it's normally in the first fifteen minutes after I walk in the door. 25% of us (me included) don't make it until 9am.

The reason for all the swearing, stress.

The study also found we will experience just over 1,200 stressful events a year. The findings aren't that shocking.

1.  Money.

2.  Not getting enough sleep.

3.  Our health.

4.  Our job.

5.  Our significant other.

6.  Our kids.

7.  Our home life.

8.  Family responsibilities.

9.  The news.

10.  Politics

The best way to deal with these stresses, according to the survey, is to listen to music. Well, we have that covered.

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