Have you found yourself feeling itchy more than usual? Maybe you've been out trying to enjoy the nice weather, but have to keep batting those weird little flies out of your face.

Did you know those annoying flies have a name?

Local News 4 spoke to the head gardener at the QC Botanical Garden, who says the bugs are called Buffalo Gnats.

The pesky gnats are a variety of black fly. The female is the one who bites, then lays her eggs in fast moving water.

Contrary to what people think, the gnats are no worse this year than they were in years past (although mosquitos are expected to be much more prevalent this summer due to flooding).

To prevent the bugs from nipping, products containing essential oils (like lemon eucalyptus) are said to be more effective than regular bug spray.

The gnats should be gone within the next couple of weeks, right in time for mosquito season to start.

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