I may not love the Packers, but I support cheeseheads! In the literal sense I mean: people who love cheese. And if you're one of those people, I'm seriously jealous of the job postings that you get. I love cheese, but I'm not sure I could do this one

According to KMSP, EatStreet – a food delivery service – is looking for "curd nerds." (They're big on rhyming apparently). The chosen curd nerd will spend October 15-29 traveling all around Wisconsin to taste test cheese curds.

The position pays up to $12.50 per hour and up to $1,000 for two weeks of work. EatStreet will cover all expenses as part of the experience. Did someone say DREAM. JOB?! Unfortunately, applications closed on October 2nd.

That means that right now, someone somewhere – maybe here in the Quad Cities – is sitting at work, not knowing that they're going to get the weirdest job ever. I wonder if we can extend the application window....

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