Not to sound too much like a grandmother, but back in my day, video games were usually a distraction from my schoolwork. These days though, they're actually helpful in getting to college! Times are a'changin, and for the better it seems!

St. Ambrose is officially offering an e-sports scholarship, according to WQAD. But it isn't awarded based on an application; this one is based on skill. So, over the weekend, high school students in the Quad Cities converged at Paradigm Arcade for The St. Ambrose High School E-sports Championship tournament.

The competitors played League of Legends, and the winning team took home a $12,500 scholarship to St. Ambrose, split between five players per team.

For some families, this could be huge. Affording college is difficult, and anything can help. So, if you missed out on this first competition, don't worry! Paradigm and St. Ambrose plan to host another tournament for scholarship money this summer, per WQAD's report.


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