When it comes to gene pools, the Puth family has a pretty solid one. Charlie Puth has perfect pitch, Mikaela Puth manages her brothers, and Stephen Puth has officially busted onto the music scene.

Stephen dropped his debut single in December, and turned some heads with the lyrics. The video for "Sexual Vibe," has more than 10 million views at this point.

This Summer, he teamed up with his older brother to write "Look Away:"

Now, just three singles in, the youngest Puth is opening for acts like Lizzo in Chicago. The two played at Gallagher Way on August 10, to a sold-out crowd of roughly 3,000 people.

We caught up with Puth after his set to discuss the beginning of his journey, his process, and where he's headed next! But we also got into pterodactyl noises and cat gifs.

Listen to the full conversation:

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