It's official, the country music festival Tailgate 'N Tall Boys is coming to Clinton's riverfront as an annual event starting in 2023. The Clinton City Council approved the contract between USA Concerts and Events LLC and the City to bring the 3-day country music festival to Clinton's Riverview Park.

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During Tuesday's regular Clinton City Council meeting, the city council voted to approve a contract between the City of Clinton and USA Concerts and Events LLC, who put on a 3-day country music festival called Tailgate 'N Tall Boys. The contract was approved by the city council with a vote of 6-1.

The contract between the City of Clinton and USA Concerts outlines a 50/50 co-promotion partnership which means the City and USA Concerts will share expenses and profits between the two. The contract approved on Tuesday included a $3 million budget for each year of Tailgate 'N Tall Boys. Of the $3 million, the costs from the City will be no more than $1.5 million and the same goes for USA Concerts.

According to the Clinton Herald, this was the second time the contract went in front of the Clinton City Council. The approved contract only had two changes from the first contract which the City Council voted on May 10th to delay voting on. Those two changes include:

  1. Changing from a 5-year contract to a 3-year commitment. The first two years are guaranteed with a third-year option to be agreed upon jointly by both parties
  2. The first contract had the festival dates as June 2nd through the 4th, 2023, but the final contract had those struck and dates will be determined by the City and USA Concerts.


Back in April, we reported that during a City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 12th, Clinton, Mayor Scott Maddasion opened the meeting by giving the floor to Josh Eggers, Clinton's Park and Recreation Director, to discuss bringing Tailgate 'N Tall Boys to Clinton.

Mayor Maddasion and Director Eggers have been working closely with Wayne Klein from USA Concerts to bring a concert series called Tailgate 'N Tall Boys to Clinton’s Riverfront. In the city council meeting video, Eggers said that he and Maddasion were kicking around the idea of hosting a major concert on Clinton's riverfront and connections led them to get in touch with Klein to start working out the details.

Klein and his team came to Clinton and were impressed with Clinton's riverfront. That visit led Klein to determine that Clinton, and its geographic location, would be an excellent opportunity to expand the concert series in 2023. Being so impressed, Klein and his team agreed to host the Tailgate 'N Tall Boys concert series as a Co-Promotion (Co-Pro) with the City of Clinton as its 50/50 partner.

Now that the contract is approved, Tailgate 'N Tall Boys will be coming to Clinton's Riverview Park with the date of the festival to be announced later.

Councilmembers Greg Obren, Eartha Davis, Nancy Witt, Rhonda Kearns, Cody Seeley, and Ron Mussmann all voted yes to having Mayor Maddasion sign the contract. Councilman Bill Schemers was the only member who voted no.

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