Get ready for YOUR 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair! The great one will return next year but with an extra surprise. We know who the first four grandstand acts that will be coming to MVF 2023 and next year's fair is shaping up to be one of the best ever.

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If I had to pick a holiday better than Christmas, it would be the announcement of the grandstand acts for the Mississippi Valley Fair. I know it's not a holiday, but it sure feels like it! It's the announcement we all wait for every single year. The announcement of the grandstand acts for the upcoming Mississippi Valley Fair.

A Bonus Concert At MVF 2023

On Friday, November 11th, the General Manager of the fair, Shawn Loter, announced the first four confirmed grandstand acts for the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair. Shawn also had another special announcement. The 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair will have a bonus concert making MVF 2023 an entire week long! 

2023 Mississippi Valley Fair Dates

The Great One, the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair begins on Monday, July 31st, 2023, for seven full days of fun, food, and entertainment. The 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair will wrap up on Sunday, August 6, 2023.

Fun Cards Details

Fun Cards and Pepsi Fast Passes are going on sale on Saturday, December 3rd at 8 a.m.

Fun Cards for this 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair will be $85 until the middle of summer. After that, they will go up in price. A Fun Card will get you into the bonus concert on Monday, July 31st, and into all seven days of the fair and into the other six grandstand acts, too.

Pepsi Fast Passes will be sold for $125 and includes a Fun Card and a laminated fast pass, for early admission to the grandstands before the general public.

Both Fun Cards and Pepsi Fast Passes will be available for online purchase. Tickets purchased online will be mailed via certified mail.

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First Four Grandstand Acts For MVF 2023

Alright, let's get to what you really came here for. We are proud to announce the first four confirmed grandstand acts for the 2023 Mississippi Valley!

Quad Cities, get ready for Jimmie Allen, Sam Hunt, HARDY, and headlining YOUR 2023 Mississippi Valley is Limp Bizkit!

Jimmie Allen will take the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair Grandstand Stage on Monday, July 31st, 2023. Which is the bonus concert for MVF 2023! 

Jimmie Allen was supposed to perform at MVF 2022 but couldn't make it after delays from American Airlines.

Sam Hunt will be next to take the Grandstand Stage on Tuesday, August 1st, 2023!

Wednesday, August 2nd is TBD.

Thursday, August 3rd is TBD.

Friday, August 4th is TBD.

Taking the stage on Saturday, August 5th, 2023, and headlining the 2023 Mississippi Valley is Limp Bizkit!

Wrapping up the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair on Sunday, August 6th is HARDY!

There are still three more grandstand acts that will still be announced before the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair. Soon enough, we'll know who will be performing on Wednesday, August 2nd, Thursday, August 3rd, and Friday, August 4th.

We'll see you at YOUR 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair!

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