I'm going on vacation this week. I can't wait to relax and recharge. I'm not going on a lavish vacation. In fact, I'm not going far.

I'm going to go see the City of Chicago come together for the Crosstown Classic. The World Champion Chicago Cubs take on the Chicago White Sox at whatever they are calling the Sox home stadium. I was at Wrigley a few weeks ago and couldn't believe the prices on concessions while I was there. $10 for a hot dog? Granted is was a footlong because that's all I was going to eat, but $10? I almost need to take out a loan just to go to a ball game. Funny thing was, I paid it.

I found a concessions menu from Wrigley from 1970. Wow, the prices are amazing. There weren't many choices, but $.35 for a hot dog? Check out the menu here. $1.50 for a t-shirt!

By the way, I also paid $20 for nachos in a helmet last season that I use for popcorn at home, so it's not that bad.

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