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The TBK Bank Sports Complex in Bettendorf is getting into the Halloween spirit! They will be hosting a special 'Trunk Or Treat' event so kids in the Quad Cities have another way to collect candy this year.

TBK Bank Sports Complex is hosting an all ages 'Trunk Or Treat' event on Halloween. Trick-or-Treating is free to anyone who shows up. TBK Bank Sports Complex, which is located at 4850 Competition Drive in Bettendorf, will host this even on Halloween day, Saturday, October 31. 'Trunk Or Treat' will begin at 2 p.m. and end at 4 p.m.

Officials at the TBK Bank Sports Complex says that the event is going to be safe and family friendly. It is also safe alternative to trick-or-treating. TBK Bank Sports Complex is doing this 'Trunk Or Treat' event with High 5 Lanes & Games and the IlIowa Council, Boy Scouts of America.

The event is being held outside of High 5 Lanes & Games in the parking lot. The parking lot will be blocked off for cars to park and hand out candy. Vehicles will be spaced apart to help maintain social distancing while people walk around and collect candy.

For those wanting to hand out candy out of their trunk, they can email Morgan Kuhlman at Morgan.Kuhlman@scouting.org to reserve a spot.

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