There's no shame in being bad at writing, but I am especially not talented in that department which is ironic considering I write articles as part of my job.  That being said, it did make it a bit of a struggle in school. All the formatting, styles, punctuation, etc. I just couldn't seem to get down and I felt like there were no resources to utilize so I could learn the technicalities but still be able to express myself.  If this sounds like something you or your kiddos would benefit from, think about joining the Teen Writing Club!

The Teen Writing Club is promoted by the Davenport Public Library and is free to anyone who wants to join. Their Facebook page states,

"The Library invites teens (ages 11-19) who are writers or interested in writing to join a new Teen Writing Club! The club will meet online via Zoom once a month to discuss their current writing projects, learn about particular writing styles and forms, and pick the brains of guest speakers."

Kudos to the Davenport Public Library for making such an important club available despite the pandemic. The meetings last approximately one hour on Zoom so social distancing guidelines can still be followed. But wait, there's more! Teens will also be invited to partake in weekly writing prompts to further broaden their knowledge and creative thinking for a truly enriching experience.

The club meets via Zoom on the first Friday of every month starting in January and ending in April.  You might have missed the first meeting on January 8th but, you still have a little bit of time left to register and join the fun for the first Friday of February.  The remaining meeting dates include February 5th, March 5th, and April 9th and all meetings begin at 4:00pm.  Registration is required so make sure you follow this link so you can participate!

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