Sometimes, April Fool's Day jokes go too far. We get hoodwinked and bamboozled in the most embarrassing ways. But this joke is going too far in a different direction.

If you follow the Cubs on Twitter, you probably saw their ad for the "Scents of Wrigley." It was a cologne line they created as a joke, with a promo starring Anthony Rizzo, Cole Hamels and Pedro Strop.

As it turns out, it's exactly what Cubs fans wanted for real. So now, it's an actual thing you can buy. Some of the scents make sense, like ivy. That might smell pretty nice. I'll even give leather a pass, if the right ingredients are used.

But...dirt? Really?

Isn't dirt the natural scent you give off after coming inside at the end of a long summer day? Usually I shower to GET RID of that. However you feel about it, you can't deny, it's original.

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