So you may have heard by now that there is ONE MORE standing Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon. Apparently people are FLOCKING there to see this store. People are taking selfies with their kids trying to reminisce on the the time they most like conceived the child. On this lovely Throwback Thursday, lets take the time to realize how old we are and how messed up it is that our kids have no clue what Blockbuster is. Nor do they understand the concept of having to go physically pick up the movies you want to see at a store. We are in a different time now... Everything is digital. ON the bright side though, the internet entertains us and can bring humor to the sad days we are in, with out Blockbuster.

Check out the tweets of @theloneblockbuster here

It says it's in Oak Lawn but doesn't specify a state. None the less, it is hilarious.

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