If you're flying out of Chicago O'Hare or picking someone up there, things could get interesting for you this summer.

I've lost count how many times I've flown in or out of Chicago O'Hare. The limit does not exist. It's one of America's busiest airports and the parking situation at O'Hare sucks. It's already like a timed Olympic sport to get my suitcases out of a taxi quick enough at the terminal. Picking folks up from the airport is like the team version of that sport too.


Chicago Is Tired Of It

According to NBC Chicago, a bill that's headed to Governor Pritzker's desk would ban people from parking on the highway shoulder outside of O'Hare. This has been an issue during busy travel seasons and lawmakers say that hanging out on the highway poses a problem for other drivers.

Instead of parking on the highway, safety cameras would be installed to make sure you take your happy self to one of the airport's cellphone lots to park. Which will likely fill up very fast.

The bill prohibits drivers from standing by or stopping their cars on highway shoulders that are within a half-mile from the eastern entrance to O'Hare.

Illinois State Rep. Brad Stephens said:

Countless drivers have been parking on the shoulders of these roadways awaiting traveler arrivals instead of using the conveniently located cell phone lots within the airport property. We can’t station officers in these areas to address this safety issue as it’s not an efficient use of manpower.

The bill would go into effect immediately upon the governor's signature.

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