A local Facebook group is blowing up as they help others here in the Quad Cities. The "About" section of the page states,

Imagine every bee in a hive helping just one bee. Here at QC HIVE that is exactly what we do. Every day we select one bar/musician/artist ect and come together to help them. Imagine if thousands of people donated just $1. That can make a huge impact for an individual or business. Together we are many. together we can make a difference. How to participate: 1) Donate $1 to the recipient of the day. 2) Share posts. 3) Invite and challenge others to participate. That's it! Please join us in helping those in our community.

That idea alone sounds wonderful, and many QC residents are getting behind this call to action to help.

The group was created on March 23rd 2020, and already has over 6,000 members. It has gained over 2,000 members with in the last thirty days. Clearly this group is just getting started with that kind of momentum.

It's a public group, and anyone form the Quad Cities is welcome to join. You can find that group here if you are interested in joining.

The way it works is pretty cool. If you are selected to receive help, they will make a post tagging you with your paypal and venmo along with some info about you, giving people the chance to send you money and help. Then next time someone else is shouted out, you can send money. It really does work like a hive, and truly brings out the best in people.

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