Easter Sunday is coming up which means, just like Halloween, dentists will be getting very busy, very soon. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, you can't tell me you don't buy the candy that's themed around the holiday from the store. We all love candy, just admit it.

With Easter coming up this Sunday, a new study has come out showing each state's favorite Easter treat. Oddly enough, the one treat that is the most popular actually isn't candy at all.

I can already feel the cavities coming on. Easter Sunday is right around the corner and a new study has come show each state's favorite Easter treat. Our friends at Zippia did the study, and to find which Easter treat each state liked they used Google Trends. They first defined Easter treats as treats that peak in search volume on the internet around Easter. From there, Zippia determined what treat is searched disproportionately higher in each state.

The time period Zippia looked at for high volume search results was the 2 week block around Easter 2020. They used that time period to find what people are searching for the most in each state. They didn't want to wait until after this Sunday to find if any results are different from last year because they probably won't change, and we're too impatient.

These are some fun facts they found during their study:

  • Boiled eggs are most liked Easter treat of 14 states.
  • Right behind boiled eggs is Peeps which are most liked by 8 states.
  • Cadbury Creme Eggs are the favorite candy egg.

What Easter treat is the favorite among Quad Citizens? That depends on what side of the Mississippi River you're on. See the map below to find out what each state's favorite candy is.

Zippia found that Iowa's favorite Easter treat is Starburst Jelly Beans. I don't mind a few jelly beans but they stick to your teeth way too much.

On the Illinois side, White Chocolate Eggs are the favorite. Give me Milk Chocolate Eggs and we'll be set.

Museums Within Driving Distance of the Quad Cities

"There isn't a museum I won't go to. The stupider, the better."
Michaels' statement this morning sent us into a good hour of discussion about museums within driving distance of the Quad Cities. Our listening family has clued us in on little hole-in-the-wall museums we never even knew existed, and they're just a hop, skip and a jump away from us. 
Here's our highlights.

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