Many people deal with stress. It is something we have all dealt with it one way or another, especially since the start of the pandemic. While it's normal to feel stressed from time to time, constant stress can have negative effects on people both mentally and physically. I’m sure we were all aware that constant stress isn’t exactly an ideal state of mind, but it can also alter your physiological health potentially leading to things like hypertension and decreased immunity. That's where Stress Awareness Month comes in. Professionals from all over come together to advocate for public awareness as well as introducing ways to help cope with stress.

A recent study by OnePoll showed that Iowa scored the highest in the nation for our overall stress levels. The poll surveyed nearly 13,000 people nationwide, split evenly by state. The survey asked Americans what they are stressed about and how much they worry about certain issues on a day to day basis.

The things people were most stressed about included:

  1. Finances
  2. COVID-19
  3. Politics and current news
  4. Job
  5. Social or personal life

Another study conducted by WalletHub placed Illinois in 30th place when it comes to stress which does bring down the Quad Cities’ average.

The biggest source of stress for Americans in 2021 is money problems, according to a recent WalletHub survey. The COVID-19 pandemic, which took first place last year, has slipped to second, which makes sense considering the progress the U.S. has made with vaccination and reopening. Overall stress levels are not uniform across the country, though, and certain states worry more than others about specific issues.

n the end, with both of these studies considered the Quad Cities still rank fairly high when it comes to overall stress. While it's not completely stress free, it ranks in the middle leaning closer to less stressed rather than more.

If you think you could benefit from some new tips and tricks to help deal with your stress, you can find a bunch by clicking here.

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