We know, we know. It's cold outside. But depending on how you look at this fact could change your mind about how you look at this cold. Meteorologists are predicting that we will not be close to having the coldest Christmas in the Quad Cities. Oh, that didn't change your mind about how cold it is leading up to Christmas? Me neither.

The Coldest & Warmest Christmas Ever


The awesome people at the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities have given us an awesome history sheet about nearly every holiday when it comes to weather. For example, in July around Independence Day, those sheets show us some of the hottest July 4ths on record. Since it's Christmas, people are typically interested in some of the coldest and hottest Christmas days in the past.

With the bitterly cold wind chills, some people think we are really close to breaking records on Christmas day, December 25th. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), we won't be breaking any records on either side of the spectrum.

The National Weather Service of the Quad Cities says the coldest Christmas day on record in the Quad Cities was almost 40 years ago. On December 25, 1983, the high that day was -2°. The coldest low temperature recorded on Christmas day was back in 2000 when the low was -18°.

The warmest Christmas in the Quad Cities was back in 1936 when the high was 62°. That same day set the record for the warmest low temperature at 50°. Sign us up for those temps!

Even though the cold is happening ahead of Christmas, the high for December 25, 2022, according to the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities, is 12°.

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Other Interesting Christmas Weather Facts

Irina Igumnova

Of course, you can't talk about Christmas without talking about snow, sleet, hail, and precipitation. Here are record-setting Christmas days when looking at those precipitation/snow weather events:

  • The Most Precipitation on Christmas (Rain)
    • 0.72 inches - 12/25/1957
  • The Most Snow/Sleet/Hail on Christmas
    • 4.1 inches - 12/25/1920
  • The Most Snow on Christmas
    • 12 inches - 12/25/1909

Be thankful we will not be setting any weather records on Christmas this year.

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