If you ever wondered why people smile so much in Illinois, it's definitely not because of high property taxes. No one in Illinois smiles when they have to pay those knowing that Iowa's property taxes are way lower. Illinois is smiling for a different reason and a rightful one. Illinois was named one of the best states with dental health.


WalletHub has released the list of 2023's Best & Worst States with Dental Health. In order to determine which states rank at the top and the others at the bottom, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across two key dimensions

  1. Dental Habits
  2. Health and Oral Health

WalletHub examined each dimension using 26 metrics to rank each state.

Toothless Wonders


If you've attended any event, fair, or public place anywhere in the Quad Cities, it's hard to believe that Illinois is on this list. Even though Illinois is extremely high on this list (and from all of that weed, too), Iowa is also towards the top.

Iowa was named the 12th best state for dental health, according to WalletHub .

Top 10 States With Best Dental Health

attachment-Toothless (1)

Illinois made it into 2023's top 10 states for dental health. Even though it didn't top the list, Illinois ended up ranking as the 2nd best state for dental health this year.

These are the top 10 states/districts WalletHub said had the best dental health:

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Illinois
  3. District of Columbia
  4. Minnesota
  5. Connecticut
  6. North Dakota
  7. Michigan
  8. Idaho
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Ohio

The state that has the worst dental health according to WalletHub is Mississippi.

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