Bloomberg is reporting that because of Hurricane Dorian, we're coming up on a possible French Fry shortage. I assume that in the next few months the world will descend into some sort of nightmare that the Desert Warrior himself couldn't even comprehend. If there was a time to stock up on supplies, it's now.

A combination of cold weather and Hurricane Dorian damaged potato crops across the United States and Canada, meaning the size of the spuds we do have are smaller. Big fries come from big potatoes, so if we don't have a shortage of fries, we will have shorter fries.


The US Department of Agriculture says the country's tater production is down 6.1%, the lowest it's been since 2010. Idaho alone is looking at 5.5% less product than normal.

United Potato Growers of Canada is saying Manitoba, the country's second largest potato producing province, left about 18% of their farms unplanted.

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