Ladies, we all know that during a certain time of the month things get a little more...stressful. Guys, you know it too. During this time you keep your distance, maybe bring home some chocolates, and just try to bear with us.

It can be uncomfortable to talk about, and usually you just kind of *know* anyways right? Well, it's about to get a little bit easier, thanks to emojis. Coming in March, there will be a new emoji in the form of a blood drop.

Plan International UK has been working closely with the Unicode Consortium – a.k.a. the emoji powers that be – to create the emoji, in an effort to help normalize the conversation around this topic.

There were originally five potential emojis, and Plan International put it to a vote on Twitter. Unfortunately, the true winner was vetoed by the Consortium, so they reached a compromise. You can check it out here.

Will you be using this new emoji?

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