Valentine's Day is just about here and it's time to find a date.

The dating world is tough. I'm sure only half of it is due to technology, but the good news is that there are several cities in the Midwest where single folks can meet other singles. Iowa and Wisconsin both have good cities for singles, and so does Illinois.

And actually, Illinois' best city for singles is not Chicago. But one of the cities on the list is in the Quad Cities!

Homesnacks crunched the numbers and gave each city a "Singles Score", based off of relevant census metrics including:

  • population density
  • male-to-female ratio
  • % of households with kids
  • median age
  • number of unmarried people in each city

If you're single in Chicago this year, here are the best cities for you to hang around in!

3. Chicago


Though they're not the top dog, you knew Chicago was going to be somewhere on this list.

  • Population: 2,721,914
  • Median Age: 35.3
  • Married households: 14%
  • Households with kids: 24.7%

2. Dekalb

City of Dekalb
City of Dekalb

Ah yes, the city I can never pronounce correctly.

  • Population: 40,697
  • Median Age: 24.9
  • Married households: 16%
  • Households with kids: 25.3%

1. Urbana

City of Urbana
City of Urbana
  • Population: 38,741
  • Median Age: 25.5
  • Married households: 12%
  • Households with kids: 14.1%

And the honorable mention, since the Quad Cities did actually make the top 10:

9. Rock Island

City of Rock Island
City of Rock Island

Here are the stats the study found for Rock Island's single-ability:

  • Population: 37,264
  • Median Age: 35
  • Married households: 20%
  • Households with kids: 25.2%

Moline, meanwhile, ranked 58th out of 100 Illinois cities in the best cities for singles for 204. Maybe if you're struggling dating in the QC, spend more time in Rock Island.

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