If you're thinking about getting a furbaby over the holidays, there are a few things you need to know first.

I've always been of the belief that adopting pets is much better than buying from a breeder. Both of my cats and my pup came from animal shelters. Adoption fees are generally low and it's a great way to help give a puppy or kitty a home.

That being said, there are some things you need to know before you bring one home over the holidays.

The Biggest One: It's A Long-Term Commitment


Before you even go to the shelter, the biggest thing for you/your kids to remember is that a pet isn't a present. It's a 10-15 year commitment. You wouldn't commit to a 10-15 year marriage just for funsies on Valentine's Day. I got a puppy at Christmas when I was a kid, but only under the full understanding that it was not a toy, it was a life that I will be responsible for.

Prepare A Shopping List

So you're ready to get a pet. Figure out what you'll need: water & food bowls, litter box & litter if it's a cat, leash, collar, shampoo, food, toys, beds, etc. so you're not scrambling to get it all after you picked up the furball.

Start Training Early

If you don't start teaching your dog or cat what it can and can't do then it will do whatever it wants forever. Cats are pretty good about finding litter boxes if you introduce them to it immediately. Dogs have to be housebroken (which from my experience depends on the stubbornness of the dog) and that can take a while.


Get To Know Your Pet's Health

Observant pet parents are the best pet parents. Schedule a vet visit with your new pet if you want to get kind of an overall health snapshot for him/her.


If you want to help the furbabies in our local shelters but you can't adopt, you can still donate. If you're ready to get a pet, definitely consider adopting an animal. We have several shelters in the QC:

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