I hate being sick. I woke up Thursday with a pain in my chest and a cough. It has officially moved into my nose now. I feel awful. I didn't do anything over the weekend but try to relax, but that's not so easy with a 7-year old running around.

I just got over strep-throat about a month ago or so.

I'm doing everything I know how to do to get rid of this. I'm so desperate to feel better, I asked Joni what I should do. Of course Miss Homeopathic said I should take garlic. I was like powder or salt. She said "no, the real stuff! Crack a garlic bulb and eat it!" I was like "EWWW no!"

I looked up ideas on how to shake this cold. It's all things I'm doing already. Taking a hot shower...rest...chicken noodle soup...vitamin C...and over the counter cold meds.

O.K. This cold can leave anytime now. Ain't nobody got time for this. Until then, I'll keep myself wrapped in caution tape.

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