A guy not even from Davenport is accused of shoplifting from the Target on Elmore not once...but 14 times.

Timothy Pruis is a 61-year-old man from Grand Mound, IA. WHBF reports Timothy is facing a felony charge after shoplifting from the Davenport Target location 14 times.

He got busted on Wednesday.

Police responded to the Elmore Ave. Target around noon in reference to a shoplifter that was in custody. Lo and behold, it's Timothy here. The affidavits say that Timothy “had 14 cases against him at the Target Loss Prevention level showing he was caught on video shoplifting from the store". The alleged thefts occurred between May 21st through the day the jig was up, August 24th. So about two months, fourteen different occasions.

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There's no word on what he stole (which I'm definitely curious about) but the value of it is estimated to be a minimum of (an extremely specific figure) $1,931.68. However, that's not including the loot he was trying to collect on Wednesday so it'll be more than that.

The visual I get of this situation is like a one-dimensional cartoon bandit who just steals stuff finally getting caught in a net trap. Guys, he's not even from here. Thievery wouldn't be in my wheelhouse- I have a hot second of anxiety every time I leave Target like "Wait did I steal anything??" No, obviously not.

Pruis, meanwhile, is facing a charge of second-degree theft and has been released on a $5,000 bond. He will have a preliminary hearing on Sept. 14th.

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