I'm a foodie, so I love articles like this.

Travel Iowa recently made a map of every must-try restaurant in Iowa and broke it down county by county, with 99 in total. So what is Scott County's top culinary destination? That would be Crane & Pelican in Le Claire.

I must admit, I still haven't visited the farm-to-table cafe, but it's easy to see why Travel Iowa found the restaurant deserving.

Look at this pie, people.

And this delectable looking feast.

And this Caesar salad in a PARMESAN CHEESE BOWL. What?!

And, of course, this elegant, yet comfortable atmosphere.

I think 2018 needs to be the year I visit Crane & Pelican.

Another nearby restaurant also made the list- Salvatore's Ristorante in Muscatine. Check out the rest of the ultimate Iowa food road trip here.

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