Taco Lovers, you may want to jump in your cars. Like, now.

I realize yesterday was Taco Tuesday, but is any time a bad time to chow down on Mexican food? According to Only In Your State, you can find some of the best tacos in Iowa at La Regia Taqueria in Iowa City.

La Regia, formally known as La Michoacana, is known for having authentic tacos featuring ingredients like pastor, lengua, and carnitas. Other tasty looking menu items include fajita burritos, an impressive variety of quesadillas, and massive plates of nachos that look like they could feed a family of six.  Only in Your State praises La Regia's selection of salsas and guacamole, and says that the taco shop's food is truly 'out of this world.'

Their prices are pretty incredible, too, with most tacos costing under $3 and many other menu items under $10.

I took a look at some of La Regia's Instagram photos and was not disappointed. This tiny restaurant looks insanely good. You'll definitely want to check out La Regia the next time you're near Iowa City.

Check out the rest of Only In Your State's story about La Regia here.

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