If you don't know the name Carson King, chances are you stay really REALLY far away from the sports world. So here's a crash course: On September 14th, Carson King went to the Iowa vs. Iowa State game.

While he was there, King managed to get in the background of ESPN's hosts, holding up a sign with his Venmo account on it, asking people to send him money for Busch Light beer. Overnight, King's account saw thousands of dollars flood in from amused fans.

But, instead of buying a TON of beer, King decided to donate it to the University of Iowa's Stead Family Children's hospital. After that announcement, even more donations came in. With all his donations, plus some corporate matching, King has raised more than $1 million for the kids.

Now, he's an Iowa legend and is being honored in a legendary way. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has officially declared this Saturday, September 28th, "Carson King Day." He will indeed be at the University of Iowa game to celebrate with the wave.

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