pic created and credit given to: Thispersondoesnotexist.com

Technology has officially 'gone there.' Artificial Intelligence so smart, it can make fake people who look real.

For me, the constant advancement of technology has left me both in awe and freakishly scared of all the things it can do. The scariest part?  We haven't even scraped the tip of the AI iceberg, because many programs and intelligence aren't even known about or understood by the general public.

But this? This is going to blow your mind.


The picture at the beginning of this blog is, indeed, a fake person generated at Thispersondoesnotexist.com. 

Not only is this next-level 'creepy,' it's also a violation of our basic trust. Will we really be able to believe that date trying to match up with us online is even a real person? What about our children and their safety online?

According to a very insightful article at TheNextWeb.com,

"The most impressive magic trick AI‘s learned in the modern era is the one where it conjures people out of thin air. And there’s no better machine learning-powered wizardry than Nvidia‘s."

[Joni note: Nvidia is the company who created this technology.]

And after all is said-and-done, when a techy article like one I quoted above, is done using all the techy-lingo some of us barely understand, they end with this:

"What that means is: you can press refresh all you want and it’s going to keep spitting out the eerily convincing faces of people who do not exist. Damn that’s creepy."

When those in-the-know say it's creepy? It's really freaky creepy.

Let me know your thoughts. I'll be over in the corner, grabbing my jaw up off the floor while trying to avoid the goosebumps writing this gave me.

pic created and credit given to: Thispersondoesnotexist.com