Ghost towns have always fascinated me- they're like a sad time capsule of a forgotten era. One of the creepiest ghost towns I've ever come across is Buckhorn, Iowa, which happens to be super close to the QCA. According to The Vintage News, Buckhorn was formally a farming co-op that was bought out by a dairy in the 60's.

There's not much left to Buckhorn, aside from a cemetery, a creamery building, and a long-ago abandoned church. Still, urban explorers find the town to be pretty fascinating, probably because it's creepy as heck. There's nothing that says HAUNTED as much as abandoned buildings, especially churches. The fact that one of the buildings has graffiti that says "Satan's Playground" is pretty much enough to keep me away forever. This town seriously looks like it could be the set for a horror movie.

Now, we would NEVER encourage trespassing on private property, but if you have an interest in checking out the town for yourself, it's a quick 45-minute drive from Davenport. You take 61 up to Maquoketa and hang a left on 64. I'm sure you can get plenty of cool shots of the area without having to step foot inside any of the buildings.

Here are some of my favorite shots that Instagram users have taken of Buckhorn. (Again, we do NOT advise breaking into buildings to take photos. These people did that part for you.):


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