When Fall and Winter hit, there are really three seasons. October is candy season, and December is cookie season. November? November is Turkey season.

There's really nothing better than Thanksgiving dinner – except maybe the nap you take after eating it. This year, you can do Thanksgiving dinner a little differently, thanks to Steel Plow Burger Company.

Their latest creation, the Pilgrim Burger, puts all the Thanksgiving staples into one bun. Check it out:

The restaurant is located at 2180 53rd Street in Moline.

I've heard of Thanksgiving sandwiches; people tend to make them with leftovers, but lately more and more place have been using fresh ingredients. In fact, sandwiches like that are one of my mom's favorite things.

But a burger is an original, and definitely exciting concept! And I'm willing to bet that the post-dinner nap is just as incredible. Really, why should we only have Thanksgiving dinner once!

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