They say good things come to those who wait. But I've got to be honest; I've never been a very patient person. It's particularly hard when it comes to food. (Think about it! Think about that excitement you get when it looks like your food is coming to you but ends up going to another table. The disappointment).

So it's been pretty hard waiting for Steel Plow Burger Company to arrive in Iowa. When we found out that they were coming (back in JULY), excitement understandably skyrocketed. Their announcement didn't come with an opening date but it appears we're VERY close.

At least, that's how their latest Facebook post makes it seem:

There's still no date attached to it, but it seems we'll definitely have a Steel Plow Burger in Davenport by the end of the year. WQAD originally reported that the restaurant would open in the Fall of this year, but could it be before the month is out?

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