Stores that are open around the clock are super convenient, especially for those who work third shift or have an immediate need in the middle of the night (us parents have all been there).

So it's a bit of a bummer to hear that three Quad Cities stores are changing their shopping hours and will no longer be open 24/7.

The Dispatch-Argus reports two Hy-Vee locations and one Walmart store- all in Davenport- are adjusting hours starting this week.

Walmart on W. Kimberly will now be open from 6 am-midnight daily in lieu of operating 24 hours.

The reason behind the change? It seems like stores just aren't getting enough business overnight to make round-the-clock hours worth it.

"We're continually looking at how we can best serve our customers. Based on a recent review of shopping patterns at our stores, we will be adjusting hours and reallocating resources to better serve our customers during peak shopping periods," a Walmart emailed statement said this week.

"We have changed our hours to reallocate several team members to be available to assist customers during busier shopping times each day," a Hy-Vee emailed statement said this week.

The Hy-Vee locations on W. Kimberly and E. 53rd St. will change their hours to 5 am to midnight seven days a week.