'Tis the season for greed. The world is making me sick. I've seen it all over the news and on one hand I'm shocked. On the other, I'm not surprised.

I the past couple days I've seen a couple stories in the news. First, according to KWQC, someone stole a evergreen tree from in front of a church in Parkview. They are the most expensive trees on the church lot, and some are given in memoriam of people who went to the church. The church has asked to let authorities know if you know someone who all the sudden has a new evergreen tree.

Second, again according to KWQC, a Davenport resident caught a teenaged girl attempt to steal Christmas decorations from their front yard. As she took off with the decoration, she dropped it because it was still connected to a power cord attached to the house. Fun teenaged prank?

Lastly, we got a message on our Facebook page, and our friends at WQAD picked up the story, from Fantasia from Buffalo. Someone made off with her 10-year-old sons dune buggy, which he paid for with his own money mowing lawns, cleaning flower beds, and doing od jobs, as well as his dirt bike.


On top of the Grinches who keep buying up all the hottest toys and keep them out of hands of kids that deserve them I pray for humanity. I hope Santa brings them all coal in their stockings.



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