Today is apparently National Ice Cream Day, even though it's December and there already WAS a National Ice Cream Day back in July. I have a feeling I know where I'll be tonight.

Do the people that make up fake holidays not communicate with each other? And why "Ice Cream Day" in December? I don't know anyone complaining.

Here are some stats in honor of 2017's second National Ice Cream Day . . .

1.  80% of Americans prefer ice cream over frozen yogurt.

2.  Mint chocolate chip is the most popular ice cream flavor for teenagers . . . cookies and cream is number one for young adults . . . and chocolate is the most popular for people 35 and up.

3.  And hot fudge is by far the most popular topping.  Caramel syrup is second . . . whipped cream and brownies tied for third . . . and chocolate syrup is fifth.

I'll take a Whitey's pineapple yogurt shake. MMMMMMMM!!!!

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